FRIENDS & DONORS (FY’13 – Present)

Corporate, Foundations & Government

New York City Councilwoman Inez Dickens

Manhattan Borough President (Gale Brewer & Scott Stringer)

New York City Councilman Mark Levine (DFTA)

Teacher’s College of Columbia University

The After School Corporation

Gardens of Dreams Foundation

United Way of New York City

Verizon Pioneers

Reed Smith LLP

Hunger Nutrition Prevention & Assistance Program (HPNAP)

Emergency Food Shelter Program – United Way of NYC

Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP)

Food Bank of New York

Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

Alembic Development Company LLC

Black Retail Action Group

Vaughn Harper Foundation


Integrated Electronic Solutions

Craig MacKay Family Fund

Gladys & Dom Pemberton (Brooklyn Lions Club)

Donation on Line



Judith Abrams

John F. Adams

Ronald Andrews

Louis Baldwin

Nancy Bearg

Helene Blount

Andrea Bradford

Maria Cavcenaghi

Estate of Charlotte Cooke

Sabrina Crockett

Laura Daniels

Valerie Davis

Karen Dixon

Barbara Drummond

Tonya Drumwright

Debra Duneier

Rosalind Eddy

Henry & Delores Ellison

Brenda Emery

Frances Faeth

Toni Fay

Edward & Arlene Fox

Paul Frascellat

Miranda Gillis-White

Frances Goodridge

Gregory Hambric

Dianne Heggie

Wendy Hewlett

Rhonda Howard

Estate of Mildred Hunte

Gennifer Jamison-Parker

Jeremy Kohomban

Veronica Lassiter

Michael Latimer

Joseph Leake

Robert Lee & Rose Reeder

Leah Levin

Kevin McCarthy

Darryl Mack

Craig MacKay

Alexus Mackey

Paul Matulac

Mary Mills

Geir Ness

Sarah O’Conner-Filippelli

Yoko Ono

Jeanne Parnell

James Patton

Jean Patton

Mary Pearl

Bert Petersen

Hollis Rafkin-Sax

Evelyn Rivera

Voza Rovers

Courtney Robinson

Daniel Rodriguez

Justina Rudolph

Melissa Santiago

Jennifer Scully

Samir Shah

Raquiel Shelton

Alrica Sheridan

Bernitha Simmons

Laurine Smallwood

Corvette Smith

Gatiana Smith

Jaye Smith

Williemae Spann

Marion Stevenson

Vivian Thompson

Ian Turetsky

Sigredo & Sylvia Vargas

Robin Verges

Roy Wilkins

Deborah Woolridge

Edward Young, Jr.

Eva Zingone


Vaugh Harper Computer Center

Sakinah Bell

Regina Belle

Katie Bradshaw

William Brodsky

Alex Bugnon

Susan Campbell

Edward Cheesman

Donald Dacosa

Rosalind Eddy

W. Edwards

Adriane Gaines

Bruce & Nancy Harper

Sandra Harper

Vaughn Harper Foundation

Sharon Heyward

George Hicker

Crystal Hunter

Deborah Jackson

Deborah Johnson

Diane Johnson

Constance Joyce

Hilda MacDonald

Claude Morgan, Jr.

Alex Morris

Jeanne Parnell

Valley Pickren

Rosa & Ronald Porcher

Steve Roberts

R. Rodriguez

Ben Tankard

Tara Tatulli

Maurice Young


In Memory of Harold J. Wallace

Girlfriends, Inc.

Robert Hamilton

John Kirlay

Melanie Murphy

Lisa Wallace

Meet our Partners:

Meet our Partners!

What is HDWC mission?

As a not-for-profit child welfare agency, Harlem Dowling-West Side Center for Children & Family Services works to develop confidence, resilience, academic skills, and adult/family support to be the foundation for helping Harlem’s children become responsible, self-sufficient adults.

What was Harlem Dowling’s original name?

The Association for the Benefit of Colored Children in the State of New York (also known as Colored Orphan Asylum)

Who founded Harlem Dowling and in what year?

Two Quaker women, Anna Shotwell and Mary Murray in 1836



Jaye Smith and Jean Patton

Executive Director


Executive Director, Karen Dixon